Tea Tree line: The Body Shop – REVIEW

Being in the middle of exam season at the moment involves little sleep, tons of stress, and tons of irregular eating patterns. All of that combined is a recipe for breakouts, but thanks to the Tea Tree line from The Body Shop I can focus more on studying and less on whether there’s mountains on my…… Continue reading Tea Tree line: The Body Shop – REVIEW

Talize Thrift Haul

One of our favourite ways of managing our money is shopping at discount stores or thrift stores. Today, I visited Talize (without the intention of buying anything), and left with a bagful of clothes! My price after various discounts came to about $42 for six items (one item not shown). Disclaimer: All prices stated are…… Continue reading Talize Thrift Haul


Back in July, I went on a family vacation to Thailand and Myanmar. For a sheet mask enthusiast like me, this meant Korean/Asian sheet masks galore. Once I came back to Canada and counted how many I bought, I counted 17. This may seem like a ridiculous number but it was totally worth it as…… Continue reading ORIENTAL PRINCESS FACIAL SHEET MASK – REVIEW

Saving 36% on my Sephora purchase!?

Although the VIB & VIB Rouge sale is nearing its end, or as I like to call it “the most wonderful time of the year”, saving money at Sephora is a year long goal for many. I’ll be sharing my small haul from this sale and how I saved even more than just the standard…… Continue reading Saving 36% on my Sephora purchase!?