Why Sephora’s ColourIQ is sometimes a sham, and how the associate saved my life (not literally)

When Sephora came out with their ColourIQ program, it was revolutionary. The idea of going in and being able to find the perfect shade of foundation for you with just a quick test was beautiful. This program has been out for a while now, but i hadn’t bought foundations from Sephora before so I never had the chance to try it out. When I decided to take the plunge 2 weeks ago to buy a Sephora foundation, the first thing I thought was “YES COLOURIQ”!!

I went in knowing exactly what foundation I wanted, Too Faced Born This Way, because my favourite Youtuber Megan Batoon loved it so I figured I would love it too.

The lady at Sephora in New Hartford, NY (bless her but I don’t remember her name LOL) used the ColourIQ system on me and it gave me my shade for a variety of foundations EXCEPT the Born This Way. I was like ???? ok??? So she took the closest shades (there were 4 of them) to my colour match and we swatched them all on my face. I swear this took like half an hour but we managed to find the perfect shade for me. And really, thank goodness I had that associate because the shade we concluded with was PERFECT.

Now, I literally always use this foundation when I wear makeup because the formulas so light and nice while having REALLY good coverage that doesn’t look cakey!! It seriously looks so natural on me!

OVERALL: Some Sephora associates are lifesavers and I highly recommend Too Faced’s Born this Way foundation

What are your favourite foundations to use??? Leave a comment so I can try them out next!


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