Following Ingrid Nilsen’s Skincare Advice

A month ago, one of my favourite Youtubers, Ingrid Nilsen, posted a video on how she cleared up her skin using 5 steps. This 10 minute video is very helpful for those who want to know the basic steps to having clearer skin!

One of the tips that stood out the most to me was when she started talking about using “acne treatment” products, like things with salicylic acid and all that jazz. She stated that it’s not a good thing to constantly be using these products because the harsher chemicals can irritate your skin more. As advice, she mentions to use them when when breakouts  start to appear, and that’s about it.

For about 3 years now, I’ve been using the same kind of night cream, The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Oil Night lotion. It’s been great using that product and I’ve stood by it, even got D to start using it too! But since I used it every night, my skin hasn’t really shown significant results. So I decided to try out Ingrid’s advice this past week and go for a night cream that isn’t targeted towards blemished skin specifically. As mentioned in a previous post, I tried out the Avalon Organics Lavender Luminosity Daily Moisturizer and it was wonderful. So I decided to try out the matching night cream.

After a week of use…

This night cream has been as good to me as the daily moisturizer has been. My skin actually looks clearer, and a LOT brighter. My skin the next morning is so soft and very moisturized, but not to a point where it feels greasy! I highly suggest trying this night cream!! I found mine at a local Winners for around $13 CAD plus tax.

Back to the main topic…

I found Ingrid’s advice in this video to be very helpful and did start seeing results once I stopped constantly using blemish treatment products. I suggest anyone and everyone to watch this video if you have issues maintaining or achieving clear skin!

Watch here:

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