Exams got me like… (How to spend your summer watching Netflix without feeling like your time has been wasted)

HEY. It’s been a while.

Exams have gotten us so busy that keeping up with the blog has really taken a hit. But alas, the worst is over and we have finally finished the semester (but can’t guarantee that we excelled). Now that school is done for the summer, we will try to spend a lot more time posting more on our WordPress and Instagram!

So to start off…. SUMMER!! And with summer comes the guilt free binge-watching that you’ve always thought of doing all semester. So let me tell you what’s hot on Netflix, what’s worth watching, and what’s a hard pass.


There have been so many shows that have been released on Netflix that my friends have been raving about, and I have been raving about too. Currently on my “Popular on Netflix” page is:

  • 13 Reasons Why
  • Ocean’s Eleven (GEORGE CLOONEY THO)
  • Walking With Monsters
  • Life
  • Tropic Thunder (Classic)
  • Frozen Planet (Who doesn’t like a good penguin)
  • Nature’s Weirdest Events
  • My Girl
  • 72 Cutest Animals
  • Cosmos
  • Africa
  • Friends
  • Battleship

Ok, so many more, but as you can tell there’s a lot of animal and world documentaries. I mostly think that’s because it’s targeted towards what I watch… and I watch a lot of documentaries!! A lot of these suggestions I do agree with, like the animal docs, Ocean’s Eleven, and My Girl. And some of them, I really don’t see myself watching.


Ok… 100% Bill Nye Saves the World. It is THE show that relives your childhood, targeting the young adults and just adults in general that grew up watching Bill Nye in the classroom. He addresses real issues and topics that are totally worth talking about but in the quirky Billy Nye way that everyone loves.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine, I kid you not this will be one of the funniest shows you’ll watch. With the mockumentary like filming style, minus the mockumentary, and having no laugh tracks, this show has genuine humour that has characters with REAL substance. They don’t follow usual stereotypes and there is GREAT character development. I literally watched the first three seasons in like 3 days and I have no regrets. The plot is different per episode so it’s easy to follow, but you do have to follow with the characters’ storylines throughout the series.


THE OA. This showed confused me so much and I’ve never felt like I’ve wasted time watching a show in my entire life until I watched this. It seems to have a Stranger Things vibe, but it just has a weird vibe to it that I just couldn’t groove to. At the end of the first season, you sit there and think “did I really just watch all that for this??”.

Now, there are other shows that fall in these categories, but I don’t wanna bore you with a long text post! If you have any suggestions for shows to watch this summer, comment below! I’d love to check them out!


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