Living the Seasoned Life Part 2: Cheesy Guacamole with Homemade Pita Chips

I know it’s been a while but school went from 0-100 real quick so I barely had time to do anything! And the grind’s still going, so I decided to take a break and do a recipe anyway. Since the SuperBowl LI was yesterday, I thought it was appropriate to make Ayesha’s Cheesy Guacamole from The Seasoned Life. It was super easy and took me only 15 minutes to prep and make altogether! I did make some swaps in the recipe because I either 1) didn’t like that ingredient or 2) didn’t have it.

The recipe called for a lot of avocados and pitas but it was noted that this was a recipe for a family/party so I cut it down since it was just me eating it! The pitas I used were whole wheat, to keep my health in check, and the seasoning I used was dried basil leaves since I didn’t have Spike Vege-Sal Magic!. You have to watch when your pita chips are in the oven because, like university, it can go from 0-100 faster than you thought. (100 being hella burnt) I forgot about them for probably 2 minutes and they almost burnt to a blackened charcoal chip but I caught them just in time!

The upside to being almost burnt is that you know they’re crispy right?!?
Now on to the guac…

Ayesha called for chopped onions but onions are not on my food palate so I swapped them for diced tomatoes, which showed the same effect! I did go for the Havarti cheese like she suggested and it was pricey, but totally worth it! If you wanted to add more of a kick you could go for a monterey jack cheese, which would still give the cheesy effect.

The chip holds up the guac and that’s all I wanted!

One problem I did have was with the pita chips where the brushed olive oil did give an odd aftertaste for them. I would suggest using less than what the recipe calls for in terms of olive oil.

Overall, this recipe was quick, easy, and probably devoured in less time than it took for me to make it! I would give this recipe 10/10 and highly suggest you make it for game night!


P.S. Get the book here: Seasoned Life: Food, Family, Faith, and the Joy of Eating Well



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