Why “Off Duty Basics” Should be a Canadian Girl’s Go-To for LA Girl Cosmetics

As some of you Canadian beauties may already know, finding LA Girl Cosmetics at a reasonable price up north is nearly impossible. I’ve seen them sold in random beauty stores, but way overpriced- $9.99 for concealer when this is supposed to be one of the most inexpensive brands in the States???

Recently, I noticed walmart.ca selling the entire collection for a semi-reasonable price! However, in the back of my mind was offdutybasics.com, a discount website selling clothes & cosmetics, and I remembered they too sold LA Girl. Since I have a tendency to order things from the US that I can just buy here in Canada, I placed my order with Off Duty Basics and waited two weeks for my package to arrive.

After I placed my order, I did some math to determine whether it was worth it for me to have ordered from this site (and pay the conversion rate & shipping) or if I would’ve been better off just ordering from the Canadian Walmart site. Here’s my price comparison of how ordering LA Girl Cosmetics from the US saved this Canadian girl a ton of money…

{Prices shown will be in CAD and will include any tax if applicable}

Total (not including shipping): Off Duty Basics = $46.76, Walmart.ca = $76.16

LA Girl HD Setting Powder: Off Duty Basics = $5.33 x 1, Walmart.ca = $8.46 x 1

LA Girl HD Smoothing Face Primer: Off Duty Basics = $5.33 x 1, Walmart.ca = $8.46 x 1

LA Girl PRO BB Cream: Off Duty Basics = $5.33, Walmart.ca = $8.46

LA Girl Pro Conceal: Off Duty Basics = $4.04 x 1, Walmart.ca = $6.77 x 1
Just looking at the product purchased (not including shipping), I saved $29.40 CAD by ordering from Off Duty Basics! The only downfall is waiting two weeks for the order to arrive, but the savings in money definitely outweighs my patience!

~ D


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