Cumulative (unlike my exams) Thrift Haul: Talize, Value Village, Plato’s Closet

I’ve been lacking on my thrift haul and discount store haul posts… so I’ve created a compilation of some of my better thrift finds in the past 3-4 weeks! For more recent finds, follow our Instagram account @lecturesandluxuries where we often create live stories of the things we find! ~ D 

From left to right: Victoria’s Secret $3.59; La Senza $1.99; Victoria’s Secret $2.69; Victoria’s Secret $5.39 / All from Talize

From top to bottom: Victoria’s Secret PINK $6.29; Victoria’s Secret PINK $3.50 / Both from Talize

From left to right: Wilfred Free $2.00 / Talize; Talula $3.50 / Talize; Wilfred $12.99 / Value Village; Talula $1.70 / Plato’s Closet

From left to right/bottom: Forever 21 (with retail tags for $19.90) $3.50; Brandy Melville $2.69 / Both from Talize


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