What’s in my University pencil case?

When I say “university pencil case” I really mean upcycled makeup bag that I bring everywhere and is not exclusive to just my lectures. I keep my essential products in here so it’s easy to grab and put into another bag (because we all know having just ONE bag is not my ideal lifestyle). The contents of this small pouch are (almost) absolutely necessary for anywhere I go between school, work, and volunteering.

The “high maintenance” items

To many people, this group of items may just be excessive to bring e v e r y w h e r e (minus the hand sanitizer and tampon!), but to me if I leave the house without most of these, a constant cloud of worry hovers over me the entire time I’m out.

Most of my skin is usually very dry, which is why I keep a mini lotion bottle, lip balm, and cuticle cream with me. The lotion bottle is just a plain one and I change the lotion up each time I run out (because who has money to overpay for travel sized lotions????). The only part of my skin that isn’t dry is my face, hence the oil blotting sheets.

Being a nail biter (especially during the months that I’m in school) makes me keep a nail file with me for when my nails get really bad, which is often. The hand sanitizer also helps me not get sick from biting my gross nails.

The mirror goes hand in hand with the oil blotting sheets, but also helps on days when I’m wearing lipstick. It’s also super helpful when I randomly get something in my eye which then distracts me from the very informative lecture that I’m probably sitting in at the time.

The tampon and the Tide to Go stick should be self-explanatory.

The “somewhat necessary” items

I’m a psychology major, so the use of a calculator isn’t completely necessary all the time. It usually only gets used depending on the kind of classes I have in a semester.

The USB is the only thing that I use on a daily basis. Like I said before, every week I have to go between school, work, and volunteering, all of which involve separate computers. This just helps me to keep everything organized in one place when I’m at another location.

The whiteout tape, pencil sharpener, eraser, and sticky notes are also occasional items. Again, being a psych major most of my exams are multiple choice scantrons, so I often use mechanical pencils, but I do keep a back up standard pencil with me. The sticky notes and whiteout tape are used occasionally with my planner and when writing out notes.

The “absolute 100% necessary” items

Using coloured pens is my best way to organize all my classes, tests, deadlines, etc. I often pick one colour for each class and write out all my notes in that colour. I also write the deadline dates in that colour into my planner.

With coloured pens, comes different coloured highlighters for notes. I need different coloured highlighters depending on the colour of pen I write my notes with (purple pen + purple highlighter = pointless highlighting)

I also always keep normal & mechanical pencils on me (just in case), as well as an assortment of blue and black pens.
Wishing everyone a Happy New Year for 2017❤️



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