Bumble and bumble: Invisible Hairdresser’s Oil – REVIEW

The perks of shopping online at Sephora is the fact that you get to choose samples to come along with your purchase. One sample that I received was Bumble and bumble’s Invisible Hairdresser’s Oil!

I’ve always been on edge about the idea of putting an oil in my hair, since my hair naturally gets oily very easily. So the thought of putting this on my head made me cringe for the longest time. The sample actually sat on my shelf for months before I finally tried it out. The only reason why I chose this sample was because I wanted to try to get into haircare more, but once I received it, I chickened out.

Since it’s been getting VERY cold, -15°C the other day, my ends has been drier than the Sahara Desert. A main factor to this is probably from the fact that my hair’s been due for a haircut for months, but it’s whatever really. So recently, I decided to take the plunge and try this sucker out.

According to the Bumble and bumble site, this oil’s used to “soften, smoothe and reduce frizz, tame flyaways, detangle and strengthen hair against breakage”. The instructions were to simply work the oil into damp hair before drying. What I did was just add some to my ends after my shower, before my hair dried, allowing it time to sit overnight. I didn’t like the thought of having it near my scalp, so I thought just the ends were sufficient.

  • It smelled like a coconut oil based substance, which is a main ingredient, and it smelled nice. Not too sweet, not like burning rubber. Almost like you decided to use a new cocoa butter lotion on your head.
  • It was very light, I barely even noticed that i had the oil on my hands when I put it on! This was a very promising sign, hinting that it won’t weigh my hair down and make it flat (which is the worst).
  • My ends the next day were so soft and there was no frizz at all.

Overall: This oil was a pleasant surprise, considering I had so many fears about this! It worked very well and I would use it again.

It retails for $50.00 for 100mL on Sephora.ca, which isn’t too bad for the name and the product, but I think I’ll hold off on it until the holiday debt is over and the pay comes in!


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