Holiday Gift Ideas

Now that the holiday season is among us, it’s time to constantly recite “It’s the most wonderful time of the year” while waiting in hour long lines trying to get gifts for loved ones, or even yourself. For some, gifts have been planned since ealier this year, but for others (like me), getting last minute gifts have become tradition.

As December is quickly going by, faster than Rihanna’s velvet FentyxPuma creepers sold out :(, the pressure is on to get the best gifts. And with that, being stumped on ideas can happen, more often than not. So I decided to compile a list of holiday gift ideas for those who just don’t have a clue on what to get their pals. I live by this list every year, and it still manages to get the best reactions!

What to Get:
  1. One word. SOCKS. Socks are clearly a widely used object, and the older we get, the more we realize we need more and more socks! Somehow I manage to lost a pair ever two weeks so restocking has become mandatory for me. Everyone loves a good pair of crazy, or warm, or black socks. My favourite brand of socks are Calvin Klein because it gives a hint of designer but still has the functionality of a good sock: simple and warm. Get them here.
  2. Blanket scarves! Since apparently we decided to live in a cold country, we would do anything to keep warm. Scarves have become an essential part of the cold weather wardrobe, and more recently the highly favoured blanket scarf. It’s so versatile acting as a scarf and a blanket (to sleep in class)! You can really find them anywhere but my favourite place to get mine is Winners.
  3. Chocolate, candies, other snack foods. Lindt has become the holy grail of holiday chocolate buying. Their gift baskets, truffles, and other chocolate goodies have become so easy to pick up and gift immediately.
  4. Wine. For those legal folks, wine is a gift that has been used for years in the adulting world when you have no other idea what to get the other party. It’s so versatile, and who doesn’t love a good bottle of wine? With the many kinds of wines, and different tastes, you can never go wrong with a good Chardonnay or Merlot for the wine connoisseur.
  5. DVD sets of their favourite shows. Everyone loves TV shows, so why not get them a DVD box set of their favourite show so they could binge watch it whenever they want? This may be on the pricier side, based on the show, so reserve this gift for the more important people in your life.
  6. Blanket. Everyone loves a nice blanket to keep warm in a cold house. We don’t know about you, but we’re always cold in our houses as if nobody turned the heat on (even if the heat is on). You can always find a nice, soft, warm blanket at Winners or Homesense. They always have the nicest blankets for the best prices! (~$40.00)

TIP: Always try to avoid giving gift cards. To me, they seem pretty impersonal, unless used as a small side gift. They seem like a “I didn’t put any thought into this except where to get it” kind of gift. It could be more like an anonymous secret Santa gift. If anything, use this as a LAST resort!

Happy Holidays and good luck with your gift shopping!



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