StuDYING Tips for Exam Season

November is coming to an end and for some it’s an exciting time of the year, but for students it means exam season. Everyone has, and will always, dread exam season. Late night coffee-induced cramming sessions, trying to finish up those last assignments… Just to forget everything we studied the minute we walk out of, or into, that exam!

So I decided to compile a list of study tips for the upcoming exam season to make studying a little less stressful! I recently asked the other half of Lectures and Luxuries if she had any study tips and she said “I don’t study”. Now I don’t condone this, but it may work for those that don’t need to memorize mechanisms of organic synthesis or the movement of a particle in a 1D box.

  1. Always begin with a playlist. I always can relate what I’m studying to the song I listened to while studying it. DANGER: A bangin’ song can cause dancing and loss of focus, so try to keep a calm, soothing playlist of songs. [I recommend “Vibe Jams”, curated by Ian Eastwood, which can be found on Spotify]
  2. Make review sheets. It’s hard enough having too re-read all the lecture material over again, so I know it’s even worse to re-copy things down onto a sheet but trust, it helps so much. PRO TIP: Only copy down the really important concepts and things that you’re sure you can’t remember as easily.
  3. Cue Cards!!!!! As a chemistry major, it’s always about memorizing definitions, methods, equations, and blah blah blah. (I know, I almost fell asleep thinking about it too) The best way to memorize things is to put them on cue cards and quiz yourself randomly throughout the day. Since they’re so small, they can act as small compact study tools to fit in your purse if you have to go out but also try to be a good student!
  4. Have a show you’ve watched 1000 times already playing in the background. If the music starts to become unappealing after your 6th hour of studying, then try to have a show playing as background noise. It’s good to have a show you’ve already seen playing because it eliminates the idea of having to fully invest yourself into the plot, since you already know what happens!!! I’m guilty of watching USA Network’s Psych, literally on my 6th run through of the series!!
  5. Take breaks to eat proper meals and/or snacks. It may seem like there’s no time to eat when that 50% exam is creeping up around the corner, but in order to have your mind work at it’s optimum level, you need some food in your system. Especially, when your stomach starts to grumble it can get hella annoying and distracting. So take at least 10 minutes to eat something, even if it’s just a pizza pocket.

Now I don’t wanna get too lengthy with this post, but those were all the study tips that usually get me through exam season with passing grades! I’m always looking to improve my study habits and rituals; so if you have any tips, leave a comment so we can all share our success this exam season!!!



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