Back in July, I went on a family vacation to Thailand and Myanmar. For a sheet mask enthusiast like me, this meant Korean/Asian sheet masks galore. Once I came back to Canada and counted how many I bought, I counted 17. This may seem like a ridiculous number but it was totally worth it as I’m on my last two. On Friday night, I decided to use the one that I’ve been too scared to use because the boxed packaging was too nice to destroy.

This mask was by a Thai brand called Oriental Princess. It seems to be like a Thai brand equivalent to the Face Shop. Their products were so nice and a bit pricey but they looked like they knew what they were doing.

The Unboxing:

The thin rectangular box was covered by a plastic wrap as an extra packaging, which made it seem very fancy… Once I opened the box, it contained a small instruction booklet (which included information on all the products in their Natural Power C line) and the pakcaged sheet mask. The package for the mask was a thicker material that usual, maybe purposed to keep the mask cool and lock in the moisture within.

The Mask (the object, not the movie):

When I took the mask out of the package, the first impression I had of the mask was “dang dis thick”. There was so much serum, which I expected for the price and the thickness of the package. The material of the mask itself was different too. It was a thick gel-like material that was more ‘slick’ than the normal thin fabricated sheets. This material allowed the mask to give a cooling sensation on the face during application, which is a great bonus.

Once I removed the mask, the instructions required that I wash the serum off my face. I did so and after I pat dried my face the results were amazing.

  • My skin felt so much firmer, as if I just got botox or something.
  • It was 10x more hydrated than it was before, but not to an extent where it was greasy.
  • My skin felt cool, a lasting effect from the mask, with a small tingle (which I love).
  • AND I noticed that my skin looked so much brighter than it did before I used the mask and I was so happy with the results.

This was probably one of the best masks I’ve ever used and I’m willing to go to the ends of the Earth, literally, to get more.

Check it out here: Natural Power C Miracle Brightening Complex Super Bright Vitamin Mask (Conversion: 145 Baht = $5.54 CAD)


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