Fall and Winter Dry Skin Treatment

A glimpse at the upcoming winter season took me by surprise today as I woke up to my skin being dryer than the desert. I’ll be sharing some of my favourite skincare products for dry skin.

My skin is usually very oily, but I have my days where the dryness comes out to play. When that happens, I turn to these products:

– Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Butter

I find myself only using this in the winter time [mainly because I use another body butter in the summertime]. It keeps moisture locked into my skin all day, and has a really refreshing scent that also helps to wake you up on days where your classes never seem to end! 

– Sephora Oil Infusion Color & Care lip balm

This oil treatment lip balm is amazing on dry lips! I’m the type of person who reapplies lip balm every ten minutes, but this product will last me a couple of hours before reapplication! An added bonus is that it adds a pop of colour to help make your lips look less dry and dull.

Clinique All About Eyes eye cream

This is my holy grail eye cream! I use this all year round and find it especially helps with dryness, redness, and puffiness. It provides a slight sensation that really helps to wake up tired eyes! The only downfall of this product is that I don’t see it having any effect on my dark circles [but that’s what concealer is for, right!?]

Olay Fresh Effects Long Live Moisture Satin Finish lotion

This lotion not only leaves your face as soft as satin, but it also provides a beautiful glow! Great for days where your skin is dry and dull or for those actual “no makeup” days.

The Face Shop Calming Seed 1-second Calming Mist toner

I find this toner is great for adding hydration to my skin as well as for helping calm down any irritations my face may be reacting too. The spray concept really helps with the hydration in my opinion. 

– Maybelline FitMe Hydrate + Smooth foundation

Don’t get me wrong, I love both versions of the FitMe foundation, but sometimes the Matte + Poreless formula can leave my skin looking dull if it’s already dry. The Hydrate + Smooth formula gives my skin a beautiful dewy look while also providing it with some added moisture!

~ D


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