How I only paid $23 for TWO BeautyBlenders!

To start off, NO these are not fake and I did not get ripped off by buying fake BeautyBlenders, both are 100% authentic.

Let’s talk value sets! The value sets on Sephora’s website [or anywhere really] can definitely lure you in [and my purchase history is proof of that…], but there’s always at least ONE thing in a value set that we don’t necessarily ‘value’.

That was my case when I saw the ‘BeautyBlender Pro on the Go’ gift set- all I wanted were the two BeautyBlenders and I didn’t care for the other three products in the set. I could have re-gifted these items to a friend, but I decided to try and make some of my money back before resorting to this option. I sold all three items (Micro Mini blender, Blotterazzi Pro, & Solid BlenderCleanser) for $10.00 each on my VarageSale account.


The set cost $53.00 [all prices are in CAD] and I sold 3 out of the 5 items for $10.00 each, giving me $30.00 back from the $53 I had already spent. (53 – 30) = 23… (23 / 2{BeautyBlenders}) = 11.50 for each BeautyBlender!

A couple quick tips for anyone interested in reselling brand new items from value sets:

  • Take into account the size of the item you’re selling- you wouldn’t sell a travel sized item for the same price as a full size item!
  • DO NOT buy a value set with the intent to just resell everything in it and try and double your money; buy it because you genuinely want most of the products in it, and reselling the extras will just be a nice bonus to you!

Keep in mind VarageSale, specifically, is completely hit and miss! All these items could have sold for even more money, or could not have sold at all! Hopefully this gives you an idea with what to do with those extra products from value sets that you don’t need!


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