We Can Only Afford Therapy for the Lips

Now that it’s getting colder outside, lips tend to get dry and flakey without the proper care. Within the past month, I’ve been having these problems sporadically and frequently. Many of you may be going through the same thing, so I thought I’d share with you the products that work best for me!

1) Etude House “Berry Delicious” Lip Jam Scrub – US $9.10

I read online that when you have dry lips, the worst thing to do is use a lip scrub. But I’ve had the opposite effect with this product. The consistency is like that of a balm but the berry seeds within it give it its “scrubby” texture. Afterwards, my lips feel both hydrated and smooth! Now this is more on the “luxury”side of things but I believe it’s totally worth it!

Get it here: Etude House Lip Jam Scrub

2) Vaseline Original Lip Therapy – CA $3.47

I’ve always been quite skeptical about Vaseline lip products, mostly because I found it too be too “greasy”/hydrating making it look like I spilled water all over my lips. I still find this to be a thing for me so I usually just use this at night as part of my night routine. This is really hydrating; and after about three uses I found my lips to be 10x more hydrated and found having dry lips to be a less frequent problem! I use this after I treat my lips with the lip scrub to lock in moisture and ensure that the scrub won’t dry my lips out.

Get it here: Vaseline Original Lip Therapy



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